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NRG Retail

Three companies merged together under one umbrella – Energy Plus, Green Mountain Energy and NRG Residential Solutions, in addition expanded into the North East region. The three companies each had their own unique cultures and people and there were challenges integrating the leadership team as expected when 3 distinct organizations come together. Our mandate was to triple the business within 3 years, and therefore it was imperative that the teams come together working towards a common goal to ensure the success of the integration.

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Revenue Group/SalesLoft based out of Beachwood, Ohio employs a small commercial team of 21 sales agents, including a floor coach and a floor manager. When the agents attended the two day Leadership Program, in November, half of the team (including the floor coach) had tenure of less than a month. Our goal was to create synergy amongst the entire team, including the floor coach and floor manager

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Small Commercial Sales

Small Commercial team is made up of 7 representatives and 1 supervisor. At the time of our journey half of the team was made up of new team members. Our objective was to build a strong foundation within our new and existing team members, establish spirit of teamwork and trust, identify new and effective communication tools for both co-workers and customers and learn how to become an inspirational leader.

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British Gas

When a new managing director at the company’s British Gas Business division needed to turn around performance, personal leadership was a vital and effective intervention. The business outcomes were staff involvement and increased profitability. And recently this investment in personal leadership resulted in the division being voted by its own employees into Financial Times’ ‘Best Places to Work’ and Sunday Times’ ‘Best Companies to Work For’.

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In April 2003, this major UK supermarket chain carried out its first staff attitude survey. Although the results were encouraging in many areas, the new CEO set operational targets which required a more committed and engaged workforce. Other research showed that in the stores where employees were engaged and motivated, the customers had a better shopping experience, proving that ‘happy employees equal happy customers’ – a prerequisite in a competitive industry where the needs of customers keep changing.

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