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Support Your Sales Leaders to Succeed

It's one thing to be great at selling but another to be leading and inspiring others to perform.

How often have you observed a top sales performer rise to the role of sales manager and find themselves overwhelmed?

It happens a lot more than you think and can be a recipe for failure if the individual is not supported to acquire the skills necessary to “lead” a sales team. In fact, ONLY 16% of organizations have a rigorous sales management practice coupled with the required training and support.

LeadersEdge helps you prepare your sales leaders with a program focused on increased self-awareness and learning highly effective leadership practices. As a result, participants will be able to create high-performing teams and achieve desired results for your organization.

Results that companies and individuals will achieve through the program:

Best practices for effective leadership

Learn more productive and impactful communication skills

Learn to motivate and develop a diverse team to achieve consistent results

Successful approaches to get buy-in and change management

Enhanced prioritization and strategic thinking

Help your people build the skills and competencies required to lead a team of sales professionals who get results.

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