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It is one thing to be great at selling but another to be leading and inspiring others to perform. This requires a different level of competencies and skills. How often have you observed a top sales performer rise to the role of sales manager and find themselves overwhelmed? It happens a lot more than you think and can be a recipe for failure if the individual is not supported to acquire the skills necessary to “lead” a sales team.

77% of the time managers make mistakes promoting sales reps into sales management

Our engaging two-day program will provide the foundation for building the skills and competencies required to lead a team of sales professionals. Through increased self-awareness and learning highly effective leadership practices, participants will be able to create high performing teams and achieve desired results for your organization.

Results that companies and individuals will achieve through the program:

Best practices for effective leadership

Learn more productive and impactful communication skills

Learn to motivate and develop a diverse team to achieve consistent results

Successful approaches to get buy-in and change management

Enhanced prioritization and strategic thinking

Did you know that ONLY 16% of organizations have a rigorous sales management practices coupled with the required training and support?

Research shows that with the proper training and coaching it can:

Help increase up to 20% in top line revenue

Increase Customer Satisfaction by over 10%

Decrease staff attrition rate by over 15%

We strive to help you achieve the results you want for your business and will work with you in partnership to understand your objectives and goals in order to ensure our programs align with your strategic imperatives. Not only do we arm participants with information and tools, we help reinforce the desired behaviors by supporting participants through the change journey. In conjunction with our program offerings for leadership teams, we also offer various programs to support the frontline staff that is leading the charge for your business.

The program is run with a maximum of ten people, giving the opportunity for extensive support for each individual, while allowing for a good exchange of ideas and experiences. It is run over two days. The first two consecutive days provide the major individual learning opportunities and there is an option to add in a follow-up one-day workshop for coaching and feedback three to four weeks later. This allows time for individuals to put into practise the skills they have learned as it generally takes twenty-one days to change a habit and embed newly acquired skills and behaviours. One-on-one coaching for each individual participant is also provided between the end of day two and the commencement of the follow-up workshop day.

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