Background: Revenue Group/SalesLoft based out of Beachwood, Ohio employs a small commercial team of 21 sales agents, including a floor coach and a floor manager. When the agents attended the two day Leadership Program, in November, half of the team (including the floor coach) had tenure of less than a month.

Objective: Our goal was to create synergy amongst the entire team, including the floor coach and floor manager. We want to create a selling atmosphere that allows the selling agents to assist one another in the event that their coach or manager is away from the team. Our incentive plan is based upon a team SPH as well as an individual SPH. Another goal we have set for the team is the ability to communicate effectively to the customer, their peers and upper management.

Implementation: The seminar was held off-site in order to allow the agents/managers to focus strictly on the material with no work distractions. The feedback we received was very positive having the seminar away from the office. We will continue this practice in the future.

Results: One word can sum up the results we continue to experience due to the seminar, INCREDIBLE! All of the 21 selling agents, including the coach and manager raved about the two-day session. The biggest tool that the agents have responded to since the training is the importance of ASKING the right questions and LISTENING to the customer’s requests – their goal is to never be in the “RED” – “shutting out” the customer is detrimental to our success.

Since the seminar, our numbers throughout the entire team have increased 22% since previous months. The communication between the selling agents on the floor and during meetings has become very effective. Most importantly, our floor coach and floor manager have implemented the push/pull method during every coaching/development session with the agents. As the director of the floor, I will continue to use this method during all of my weekly manager meetings. It is so rewarding to see the managers find the answer or solve a problem by thinking things through using the push/pull method. This method has been a heaven sent to all of us on the energy floor.

In closing, the opportunity for the team to attend the leadership training with LeadersEdge will continue to pay dividends for us in the future. Our plan is to allow all of our agents to experience the training in the upcoming year. This seminar has made all of us better in our business lives, as well as our personal lives.

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