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Background: Three companies merged together under one umbrella – Energy Plus, Green Mountain Energy and NRG Residential Solutions, in addition expanded into the North East region. The three companies each had their own unique cultures and people and there were challenges integrating the leadership team as expected when 3 distinct organizations come together. Communication across the organization was ineffective and lacked ownership and accountability across the various levels. Our mandate was to triple the business within 3 years, and therefore it was imperative that the teams come together working towards a common goal to ensure the success of the integration.

Objective: Our goal was to create a unified, high-performing team in the Northeast, with functions that worked across all of our 3 brands, driving increases in customer count, improvements in employee engagement and customer experience, all resulting in increasing shareholder value.

Implementation: We partnered with LeadersEdge Inc. for delivery of The Personal Leadership Program to our key 15 Leaders within NRG North East Division, led by James Steffes – President and Paul Keene- VP & GM, as the key sponsors. We held the 3-day program off site to ensure that we had the focus and environment conducive to learning that allowed for open and honest conversations.

Result: The power of the program allowed the team to get to know each other as ‘people’ first which led to improving their relationships both personally and professionally. By the end of the first day, we started to see a transformation taking place where the team started to communicate more effectively and work more cohesively as an operating unit. After day 3 was completed, the team was working together towards a common goal and vision to collectively help grow the business. The team was engaged, shared honest feedback, were willing to work together, and their passion for the business was renewed. Within months, we acquired Dominion Energy and we were able to integrate the new organization within 10-12 weeks since we all worked extremely hard and cohesively. The Personal Leadership Program was the catalyst that helped us achieve our goal of improving cross-functional teamwork and improved our ability to achieve our results by working together towards a common goal.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend any organization to employ LeadersEdge Inc. Their innate ability to connect with people, business acumen and passion allowed NRG to be more effective as a Leadership Team. LeadersEdge Inc. customized the program to align with our business objectives, industry, language and vision. The overall rating from the Leadership Team that attended The Personal Leadership Program was over 95% for the program and 98% for LeadersEdge Inc.

Paul Keene
VP & GM, Mass Markets
NRG Retail Northeast

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