Attention: Corporate leaders, senior executives, directors, managers, and other high-level corporate professionals

The Grounded Leader 2020 Webinar Series

Expanding Your Limits

Discover How to Become an Agile, Self-Aware Leader Who Empowers People and Creates Sustainable Change

Virtual Live-by-Zoom Monthly Webinar Sessions

February to September 2020
April to September sessions have two options
Noon-1:30 pm ET / 9:00 am-10:30 am PT
6:30-8:00 pm ET/ 3:30-5:00 pm PT

Join us for the entire series or for single webinars – your choice! Conveniently connect from your home or office.
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Today's leaders are juggling more than ever before in an ever-increasingly complex business environment.

It takes determination to stay the course and grow, and more importantly, it takes self-awareness to lead through the constant pace of change and empower others to do the same.

Join me as I walk you through the 8 Pillars that create the foundation of being a Grounded Leader.

The information you learn will change how you lead and help you create sustainable results for your organization.

I invite you to take part in all upcoming eight webinars or simply select topics that align with your current needs. Either way, you will walk away with powerful strategies and techniques that will help you hone your leadership skills so you can stay on the cutting edge.

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webinar 1

Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

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Learn to take a step back and engage in easy, yet powerful techniques to build your level of self-awareness and bring mindfulness into play on a daily basis and prevent autopilot syndrome.

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webinar 2

Leverage Your Intuition

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Learn the facts about Intuition and how the right and left brain play a part in your critical thinking skills and more.

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webinar 3

Inspire with Your Message

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Leadership is not about a title, rank or role, it's a way of being. Learn to create an inspirational message that will engage others.

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webinar 4

Total Accountability

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How effective are you at holding yourself and others accountable? Learn best practices for cultivating a culture of accountability.

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webinar 5

Live in Service

Tuesday, June 23, 2020
Noon-1:30 pm ET / 9 am-10:30 pm PT

True leadership is about serving others. Learn to find the right balance to help you grow and stretch outside your comfort zone.

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webinar 6

Be a Coach

Tuesday, July 14, 2020
Noon-1:30 pm ET / 9 am-10:30 pm PT

Leading by coaching is one of the most critical components of leadership success. Learn effective ways to coach and motivate others to deliver their personal best.

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webinar 7

Create Deep Connections

Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Noon-1:30 pm ET / 9 am-10:30 pm PT

Nurturing deep connections with others takes time and effort. Gain the knowledge that will inspire your teams to follow you.

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webinar 8

Claim the Big Picture

Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Noon-1:30 pm ET / 9 am-10:30 pm PT

Connecting with dots for your people means having a vision and thinking strategically. It’s a matter of choice and application.

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The Complete Grounded Leader 2020 Webinar Series
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These interactive sessions will also give you guidance on how to:

Show up more powerfully by building the self-confidence you need to trust your intuition and lead in the most authentic and meaningful way.

Truly engage and coach your people by developing coaching best practices that deepen the breadth and depth of your influence.

Enhance communication skills so you can build meaningful relationships and move more efficiently toward company goals.

Create a culture of accountability where everyone owns their thinking, behavior and works to their greatest strengths.

Answers to common questions

I can’t make it on the dates you have listed. Can I get access to the recording?

Yes! Sign up for the webinar(s) you want, and you will automatically be given access to the recording once the webinar is over.

I’ve already taken your in-person Grounded Leader workshop. Should I also take these webinars?

Yes! Taking a refresher helps you reinforce what you learned and further guides you on how to implement in the workplace.

What if the date of a webinar I’m interested in has passed and I wasn’t able to sign up for it?

No problem. You can purchase the recording.

I’ve never used Zoom before. How will I connect?

You will receive a link that you click on at the time of the webinar. You need to give Zoom a few minutes to download to your computer and then the system will prompt you to join. Choose the “join using audio” selection and make sure you have your volume up, and your microphone muted.

Will there be a Question and Answer period during the webinars?

Yes! We have built in a 25-minute Q&A session on every webinar.

Have other questions?

Simply reach out to us at

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about joanne trotta, your seasoned instructor

Joanne is a dynamic, high-energy and results-oriented individual whose core passion is people. She has more than 20 years of experience as an executive, empowering teams in complex B2B industries. Her expertise spans Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales, Client & Partner Management, Project Management, and Technology and Operations.

Joanne spent over 12 years in the telecommunications industry and 6 years in the energy and services business. She is a proven leader in the development of business strategies, managing change, project leadership and team building, with a solid track record for success in execution and building solid life-lasting relationships. Joanne is a Certified Facilitator for The Personal Leadership Program and Leaders at Every Level, an Emergenetics Facilitator, and a Certified Coach.

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