personal branding workshop

Discover How to Portray Your Personal Brand - and Live It!

It is critical to think, act, and plan like a business leader.

With the surge of social media, you must manage your own reputation, both online and in real life.

In this half-day workshop, we define what a personal brand is and why it is important to your growth and development as a leader and influencer.

Your brand should reflect who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for. It is also about defining your personal impact and about what you want to be known for inside and outside your organization.

Participants will be guided through the stages of developing their own personal branding statement.

Through the power of being in a live group setting, you will receive real-time feedback from peers and colleagues on your strengths and expertise that makes you stand out and defines who you are.

Why is defining and growing your personal brand important?

Grow your professional network so you open more professional opportunities

Establish the foundation for your future success

It's what separates you from everyone else in the world

In business, acquire new contacts and clients for your company

Gives you confidence, motivation and personal power

It's about how you “show up” and the impact you have

Workshop Objectives and Outcomes:

Recap what a personal brand is and why it is important

Discover your power words exercise to help build their brand statement

Create your personal branding statement

Translate all of this into growing your personal brand and reputation

Enhance participant’s self-awareness through workshop experiences and exercises

Learn to develop your own powerful brand that is true to you and sets you apart.

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