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Joanne Trotta

Joanne is a dynamic, high-energy and results oriented individual whose core passion is people. She is an established executive with 20+ years of experience in leading teams in various functions. Besides extensive experience in Customer Service, Technical Support, Sales, Client & Partner Management, Project Management, and Technology and Operations, she has a solid background in both highly complex B2B service offerings and mass markets. Joanne spent 12+ years in the telecommunications industry and 6 years in the energy and services business. She is a proven leader in the development of business strategies, project leadership and team-building, with a proven track record for success in execution and building solid life lasting relationships.

During her career in the energy and services business, Joanne became a Certified Facilitator for The Personal Leadership Program and Leaders at Every Level created by The Living Leader. The Personal Leadership Program, as well as working with Penny Ferguson and her team, was life changing for her. It was through this experience that she chose to start living her dream – to help people become more effective leaders in all aspects of life. Joanne founded and built Leaders Edge into the successful venture it is today. Feel free to reach out to her if you would like to know more about their experiences or need assistance in your business.

The Living Leader was motivated by the desire to create leadership development programs that challenged people both intellectually and emotionally. The Living Leader’s development programs have been designed to instigate sustainable and long-term personal and workplace change, as well as dramatically lift employee engagement levels and bottom line results. To learn more about the partnership between Leaders Edge Inc. and The Living Leader visit:

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