Have you ever felt like you are stuck in a mind set or experienced an emotional block and the more energy you put into trying to understand your situation, the more embroiled you become? Your thoughts keep whirling in your mind until you feel completely overwhelmed and out of control. At this stage you either ignore the situation, which later begins to weigh you down, or you become immobilized by the negative energy caused by your mental thoughts. In either case, you are preventing yourself from moving forward in a productive manner and we see this happening in all aspects of our lives which leaves us feeling frustrated and empty.

In our three-hour, Empower Yourself and Achieve Sustainable Results workshop you will gain a better understanding of what Energy Leadership is all about and how it can help you:

Develop a positive mindset in all aspects of life

Learn the difference between negative and positive energy

Create positive energy to gain traction and move forward

Develop focus and techniques to achieve your goals

The workshop serves as a foundation for exploring the Energy Leadership Index Assessment where you will profoundly benefit from the Core Energy Coaching™ process and raise conscious awareness as your goals and objectives are achieved.

Individuals break through limiting thoughts and emotional reactions, replacing them with empowering beliefs that lead to action and results. Participants become self-aware of how they think, feel, and act, which creates the foundation for sustainable change. With this level of awareness, they shift into high performance mode and accomplish higher quality results while expending less effort. Participants undergo a transformation from “Average” to “Great.”

The Core Energy Leadership™ process facilitates empowerment by changing core thoughts and emotions, creating a completely new foundation from which participants not only achieve their goals but are capable of sustaining meaningful change over their life time.

Results that participants achieve through the workshop:

Increased self-awareness and conscious thinking

Learn how to shift your thinking to create more positive and productive outcomes

Better understanding of self and what triggers unproductive thoughts and behavior

How to shift thinking and behavior in a more productive and meaningful way

Achieve personal and professional goals and well-being

Results that companies achieve through the workshop:

Enhanced teamwork and collaboration

Improvements in employee engagement and reduced attrition

The ability to exceed goals and objectives through growth and team work

More creative, supportive, and collaborative thinking amongst teams and individuals

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