Are You on Santa’s Naughty or Nice List this Year?

Last week, we wrote about taking some reflective time on what went well and getting clear on what you are going to do differently next year. As part of that reflection, we are also encouraging you to spend some time reflecting on your leadership and the impact that you had this past year.

Not only is Santa observing your behavior, your people are also watching your every move, too.  You set the tone for how others will behave and show up whether its virtual or in person. Have you exuded thinking and behavior that you are proud of? If that answer is no, or you are uncertain, you have the opportunity to take action and start doing things differently moving forward.  

Here are some questions we suggest you take some time to think about and write down your responses so you can look back at a future date to see how far you have come or have far you have regressed:

  • Was I really there for my team and people? Was I fully present, self-aware, and mindful in my discussions and meetings?  
  • How effective was my verbal communication? Did I set clear expectations for my team, and others so they have a strong understanding of what is expected?
  • Did I empower my team to deliver their personal best? Did I micro-manage or truly lead my team by emphasizing expectations, ownership and accountability of deliverables and tasks?
  • Did I model the right behaviors for others to follow? Did I offer encouragement and inspiration to everyone I engaged with?

We want you to dig deep and be honest with yourself. Are you leading others in the most authentic and empowering way that creates a safe space for others to perform at their best?

This is precisely why we encourage self-reflection and the power of setting intentions as it allows us to get clear on the impact you want to have and how you want to “show up” for yourself and others. As we mentioned last week, focusing on what you can control means you are conscious of your thinking, and, in turn, are choosing to behave in a way you deem the most appropriate for you and for those around you.  

Turning Reflection into Action

Based on your own self-assessment of your leadership effectiveness, you can then follow the following start, stop, and continue process that we leverage in our leadership programs and workshops.

  • What am I going to stop doing because it is not serving me or others?
  • What am I going to start doing that will allow me to be more effective and impactful? 
  • What am I going to continue doing because it is a strength of mine and it is effective?

Make a list and come up with no more than three items per category. If you want to shift your performance and the impact you have on others, then you need to take this seriously and make some commitments.  

We encourage you to share your start, stop and continue commitments with your respective leader and team. You need to hold yourself accountable. Bringing others in to support your growth and development is part of that. It also now makes those commitments very real as you have shared them with others.

We are here to support your success!

Taking a hard look in the mirror is no small task and if you feel that you need some support to help guide you through this process please reach out to us. We are just a phone call away and would be happy to explore what is possible for you now and in the new year ahead.

Email me at or give me a call at 1.855.871.3374. I look forward to hearing from you!

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