LeadersEdge offers in-depth, customized coaching programs based on proven methodologies. We work with top-level executives right down to front-line leaders within medium to large corporations across the globe.

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LeadersEdge provides customized coaching programs based on proven coaching principles and our Grounded Leader methodology. We know what works in the real world to both challenge and support individuals to become mindful, self-aware leaders who think strategically and feel confident in their ability to lead.

Executive coaching services

It is through coaching where the real shift in performance occurs as the individual participants work with an unbiased third-party coach and advisor to help them explore more productive behaviors and outcomes.  

Together we tackle both personal and business issues, day-to-day challenges, and support individuals with their own unique growth and development strategy. It's all about individual accountability. Your coach supports participants in breaking through thinking and behaviors that are preventing them from delivering an exceptional performance.

According to research from the Harvard Business Review, the single most important competency that separates highly effective leaders from average ones is coaching. Organizations with well-established coaching cultures experience much higher employee engagement and stronger revenue growth.  

Coaching cultures also improve communication, relationships, work-life balance, wellness and individual self-confidence!

Organizations that prepare their leaders to exhibit coaching behaviors are 130% more likely to realize stronger business results and 39% stronger employee engagement results, according to research from The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Our standard three to four month one-on-one coaching engagements are structured as follows:

  • Pre-interview session to gather feedback, insights and suggested areas of focus and opportunity
  • Two one-hour remote calls per month over the specified duration of time (please note first and last call as well as random calls throughout the coaching engagement will be done in person if geographically feasible)
  • During the first call, we discuss their desired goals and areas of focus and prepare a plan that we will focus on throughout the duration of our sessions together
  • In our last session, we discuss next steps and personal commitments required to maintain the development plan that has been outlined for the participant (this includes expectations, actions and commitments for the participant and their leader/organization if applicable)

In summary, there are eight sessions that occur, all dedicated solely to the participant. We work with the participants on goal setting and establish an accountability plan that will be leveraged for their ongoing growth and development. We also determine whether or not further coaching is required and have the option to extend coaching support as needed.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about our coaching services.

What types of coaching programs do you offer?

We offer executive coaching, leadership coaching, and performance coaching, each tailored to address specific leadership and performance goals.We also offer group coaching for teams and leadership cohorts to assist with the necessary behavioral shift and sustainment of skills.

How can coaching improve leadership effectiveness?

Training is an event; it is through the power coaching where skill development occurs by providing ongoing support to assist individuals and teams with the application of new skills, techniques and best practices that will impact on performance and results.

Coaching provides personalized feedback and strategies to enhance leadership skills, improve decision-making, instill accountability and increase overall personal and professional effectiveness.

What is the duration of each coaching session?

Each coaching sessions is 60-minutes in duration, allowing for in-depth discussions and personalized feedback.

Are coaching sessions available in both virtual and onsite formats?

Yes, coaching sessions can be conducted both virtually and onsite, offering flexibility to meet the needs of all clients.

How do you customize coaching plans for individual needs?

We work with our clients to develop an action plan prior to kicking off a coaching engagement.  Coaching plans are customized based on the individual’s needs and goals to ensure that each client receives the support and development they need.

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