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I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne in a number of professional capacities over the past few years. Joanne is a bright, articulate communicator both one on one and in larger group settings. She brings a highly professional style to group facilitations and seminars. The feedback from these sessions is consistently positive and I have no hesitation in both working with her again and recommending her to any organization that could benefit from a Leaders Edge program.
Gord Brandt
Feldman Daxon Partners
As president of a charity and an Olympian with Type 1 Diabetes, I found my organization's needs uniquely met by Leaders Edge Inc. Their targeted advice and resources, provided freely, helped me rapidly gain momentum. From our first meeting, Joanne's passion and energy for my cause were evident. She supported my leadership without overshadowing it, offering structured guidance and expert coaching. Thanks to Leaders Edge, we now have a blueprint for success.
Chris Jarvis
I Challenge Diabetes
In my past experience with many leadership courses, the Living Leader Program is the most impactful, motivating, and challenging. It equips individuals with the tools to become better leaders. This program has truly transformed our management team and style, improving communication, performance, and empowerment. We are now extending this leadership journey throughout our organization as part of our talent development program. We believe this course will cultivate a performance-based environment and develop high-performing leaders at every level, profoundly impacting our company’s future results.
Kevin Crosgrey
Delta Controls Inc.
We thought that various cultures would not take this programme, but we were proven wrong. We’ve been staggered as to how effective the programme has been in places around the world where we assumed that some of this thinking would not have been adopted so easily.
Nigel Parkinson
Caterpillar Marine Power Systems
I think that the PLP was the greatest gift I could have given to my staff. Absentee rates went down, commitment went up, all sorts of soft measures just went through the roof as a result of the programme.
Gil Baldwin
Tunstall Healthcare Group
We chose to put all of our leaders through the Personal Leadership Programme (PLP)…we did it in a short space of time with some of us who had been through The Master class, delivering it at the same time. The impact has been amazing. It has completely changed my life and how I behave – at work and also at home. The programme gave me a real insight into who I am and how I behave and therefore the impact that has on others.
Jayne Archbold
Sage UK
Our organization needed training in Presentations/Public Speaking skills and Negotiation. Joanne was very responsive and professional, quickly understanding our needs and customizing two sessions for us. When Covid-19 hit, she pivoted to deliver training virtually. She kept the group focused and provided valuable tips for public speaking and negotiation. Joanne thoroughly researched our organization, grasping the insurance concept and answering our questions with a solid plan. We highly recommend her for any training needs.
Curt Zeck
Royal Neighbors of America
Unlike other leadership initiatives, it helped me identify my leadership DNA before considering what’s needed to lead others. I appreciated that the learnings extended beyond the workplace, instilling the ability to lead anywhere, anytime, with transferable skills. Leaders’ Edge’s simple yet impactful approach created unforgettable “aha moments.” Joanne, our facilitator, demonstrated exceptional customer focus, ensuring the training met our needs. I highly recommend this program for any industry. Attend with an open mind—it’s well worth the investment!
The value of this program is undeniable. Its potential to impact individuals both professionally and personally is immense, as an empowered workforce is the foundation of a high-performance organization. In my new job, we piloted the program and have now run it for our 50 senior managers. The positive results have led us to roll it out to 250 more managers. We see this as key to developing individuals and fostering a performance culture that embraces diversity in the organization.
Minna Nathoo
Ealing Council
Covering PLP with our senior leadership teams has created a significant impact on our business. The strong messages and improved team dynamics are unmatched by any other programs we’ve experienced. The focus on beliefs and behaviors has resonated with every group. The follow-up on Day 3 consistently shows how small changes can have a huge impact, which amazes everyone. There is now a keen interest in exploring the entire PLP as part of an advanced offering for our leaders, focusing on culture and behavior.
Dawn Robinson
Sage UK
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