Crafting Team Norms
The Crafting Team Norms and Rules of Engagement workshop equips teams to create shared values and operational norms, enhancing group dynamics and productivity through structured, engaging activities.

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Crafting Team Norms and Rules of Engagement is a fun and engaging workshop that highlights how when team members do not share the same values, conflict can arise.

For example, some team members may place a high premium on punctuality, while others do not. Without agreement on how a team should operate, seemingly small differences could result in frustration and impact productivity.

‍‍In a 2012 Google study of team performance, researchers found that team norms had the biggest impact on team success.

In our Crafting Team Norms workshop, teams collaborate on a four-step process to develop a set of operating norms, ground rules and we highlight the importance of:

  • Team norms and psychological safety
  • Emergenetics Attributes and how these play out in the work environment
  • Develop a process of crating team norms together
  • Work together to create an action plan

Crafting Team Norms Workshop objectives:

  • Work together to craft team norms and ground rules
  • Describe team norms and their role in team performance
  • Design your team norms and immediately begin integrating them
  • Acknowledge varying approaches to creating psychological safety for everyone’s individual preferences (Emergenetics attributes)
Overview of workshop activities:

Our workshops are dynamic, interactive and encourage experiential learning. The activities the team will engage in include:

  • Warm Up Activity – participants pair up and reflect on a memorable team experience
  • Emergenetics Attributes and Psychological Safety – participants identify what each Attribute needs to feel safe
  • Behavioural Line Up – participants identify how to support psychological safety across the entire spectrum of behaviors
  • Crafting Team Norms – team identifies behaviours and values which to align their norms and ground rules
  • Commitment – team agrees to practice the norms, ground rules and evaluate their effectiveness
Workshop outcome and results:
  • Agree on the desired operating norms, ground rules and their role in team performance
  • Utilize varying approaches to create psychological safety for individual preferences (Emergenetics attributes)
  • Assess the success of their team norms and adjust accordingly to support improved communication and performance
  • Immediately begin integrating their newly created team norms and ground rules as a team
  • Better understand the dynamics of their own team and how to establish ongoing success by leveraging the Emergenetics WE team approach
Frequently asked questions

Find answers to common questions about our virtual and onsite workshops.

What are the key benefits of establishing team norms?

Establishing team norms improves team cohesion, defines clear expectations,  enhances accountability and improves team performance and bottom-line results. Team norms help create psychological safety and foster a supportive environment where everyone can think and perform at their best.

How does the workshop address team conflicts and differing values?

The workshop includes activities and discussions designed to help teams navigate and resolve conflicts, ensuring that differing values are acknowledged and respected.

What activities are included to help teams craft their norms?

Activities include group discussions and collaborative exercises that encourage team members to define and agree on their norms.

How long is the Crafting Team Norms Workshop?

The workshop typically lasts 3 to 4 hours, providing ample time for teams to engage in meaningful discussions and activities.  It can be delivered onsite or virtually and there is a pre-requisite to have completed the Accelerating Team Performance Workshop.

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