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The Power of Collaboration
May 29, 2023

In our last blog, we explored the coaching style of leadership which is sometimes undervalued and viewed as a nice-to-do when time permits. The reality is that the world has changed and so has the role of leadership.

Today’s world demands leaders who know how to coach their people well to develop high-performing teams and collaborate well on all levels — upwards, downwards, cross-functionally inside their organization and externally, too.

Fostering teamwork and collaboration must start from the top as people may require extra support around their workload due to the changing dynamics of our present times. Plus collaboration can help retain your top talent by ensuring they are not overloaded. The stakes are always high when it comes to employee engagement, so please do not ignore the power of collaboration.

The Upside of Collaboration 

When organizations are made up of people who willingly and enthusiastically collaborate, great things happen:

1. Impacts Positive Outcomes — Encouraging your people to engage in open collaboration will help them open up and share, which enhances overall communication. As a result, employees will find themselves more motivated to work as a team and help achieve team goals.

2. Improves Flexibility & Boosts Innovation — With all the advances we have made in technology, it can, at times, still be seen as a barrier when it comes to how we collaborate. Teams, Zoom, and similar virtual communication platforms, for example, are rich with features and tools that originally did not exist when we pivoted to a new workstyle. Use the tools to your advantage and watch how your people will still be inspired to innovate.

3. Employees Build Their Skills — People who work closely in collaboration learn from each other and strengthen each other’s skill sets. This is critically important when it comes to cross-functional teams. Additionally, effective collaboration ensures new employees are acclimated faster into the fold.

4. Improves Employee Engagement — Communication and collaboration go hand in hand, therefore, if your team is not collaborating effectively, they may likely be disengaged for any number of reasons. This can be a challenge with so many people working remotely (another great reason for the technology that keeps us connected), but when you use your honed communication skills along with the right collaboration tools, people will be more motivated to work as a team.

5 Customers Are Happier — Delivering great customer service means having a highly-collaborative teams behind the scenes. Those who collaborate well are far more able to determine quick solutions to customer problems, which is a win-win for all.

Collaboration, like any leadership skill, takes time and conscious effort, and anything you can do to encourage teamwork will foster stronger employee engagement. 

Are You Leading By Example and Creating a Collaborative Organization?

What strategies have worked or not worked for you when it comes to creating a culture of collaboration in your organization? 

If you feel there is room for improvement, whether with a specific project or your overall plan for your team, I’d be happy to share my insights and best practices to help you get clear on your next steps. 

Feel free to email me at joanne.trotta@leadersedgeinc.ca or call me at 1.416.560.1806.

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