Is it Time for You to Change the Way You Think?

I’ve been writing a lot about intuition lately because I think it’s a powerful tool leaders can use to supercharge their thinking, planning, decision making and overall effectiveness. Using the so-called “gut brain” gives you extra processing power to work with, allowing you to make better decisions and be more present in your role. However, getting used to trusting your intuition is not easy, especially if you’re accustomed to relying on your intellect and other more traditional cognitive abilities.

Using your intuition effectively requires you to change, and change is often challenging for leaders. But when you look around at the leaders who are the most successful, innovative and inspirational, one thing is clear – they are not afraid of change.

The leaders I admire share a sense of presence and flexibility that is rare in our world. They are super-smart people, capable of figuring out complex solutions to complicated problems, but more importantly, they know how to integrate intuition into their decision-making processes.

Yes, the way you think has gotten you to where you are today, and that’s a good thing! You can rise to a new level, though, and enhance your ability to lead if you are willing to change the way you think and process information. Changing the way you think is not all about taking on new ideas and opinions; to me, it’s more about using your intuition alongside your more analytical ways of thinking and processing. When you can do this, you give yourself and your leadership a major edge.

How Do Intuitive Leaders Think Differently?

If you want to get good at using your intuition as a leader, I think it’s crucial to change some of your thinking habits. When you rely on the same old mental habits that have always been there for you, you can become stale in your thinking, which only ensures that your intuition will remain dormant. When you challenge your normal thought patterns, new ways of thinking will emerge. This is when you will notice what your intuition – or “gut brain” – is trying to tell you.

So, how can you change your thinking when you have so many deeply ingrained habits? Here are some of the ways the world’s most effective and successful leaders do it:

They Exchange “I” for “We”

You’ll know you’ve reached higher levels of leadership when you stop thinking about yourself so much. The best and most intuitive leaders are confident in themselves and their abilities, but they understand that leadership is not about them; it’s about the people they lead. Put yourself in the shoes – and minds – of others, and you will notice your mental circuitry begin to transform to include more than just your logic, reason and analytical thinking. Most likely, this will help you awaken your intuition.

They Stop Caring So Much about Control

Guess what? You’re really not in control as much as you think you are. Intuitive leaders understand that no matter how influential they may be, there are always factors beyond their control. So, they learn to go with the flow. They apply their leadership and influence others tremendously, but they don’t force things. This requires a great deal of presence and mindfulness. If you can find a way to let go of your need for control, you will almost certainly notice a boost in your ability to think intuitively.

They Remove the Limits to Their Thinking

You know what impresses me about awesome leaders? They are completely unafraid to think big. They have vision, and they have a way of seeing the entire chess board all at once. They don’t limit their thinking; they allow their thoughts to take them to where they need to go, no matter how ambitious their ideas may seem. If you want to truly awaken your intuitive powers, I recommend being more mindful around your thoughts, particularly regarding negative or limiting beliefs. When you eliminate these unhelpful thought patterns, you give your intuition space to enter the picture and provide its powerful, positive influence.

They Seek to Simplify

Complexity does not necessarily equal excellence, especially when it comes to the way our brains work. Often, the best solutions are the ones that are the least complicated. Where many leaders seek to solve problems through increasing complexity and reams of data, intuitive leaders have learned how to find answers in the silence of simplicity. It’s not always about crunching the numbers. Sometimes it is necessary for leaders to make things simple and trust the answers their intuition gives them.

They See the World as Ever-Changing

I’ve seen it time and time again: Leaders fail when they lock themselves in to a static, unchanging set of ideas or values. They see the world a certain way, and they have convinced themselves that theirs is the only way to view things. Grounded, intuitive leaders, on the other hand, recognize the true nature of the universe – everything is changing all the time! If you feel like you know what life and leadership are all about, now is the time to challenge your thinking and change your mind. Otherwise, you will become set in your thinking and static in your methods, which is a great way to make sure your intuition stays buried and in the background.

They Think of Solutions

Identifying problems and challenges is not what leadership is all about. Yet, many leaders seem to think that creating lists of what’s wrong is the best way to motivate their people to excellence. Intuitive leaders don’t just see problems; they see areas of opportunity and they generate solutions. So, when you find yourself fretting over an ever-growing list of problems, try to think of them as opportunities for you to innovate and transform those problems into solutions. When you see solutions instead of dwelling on problems, you send a signal to your intuition that it is needed and valued just as much as your intellect.

They Think of the Next Generation

Leadership is not really an identity as much as it is a role you are filling. Here’s the thing – you are in the role right now, but it’s going to go on long after you leave. And the leaders of the future are looking to you to learn how they should go about their work. Leadership is as much about the future as it is the present moment, so it’s critical that you consider the people who will fill your role after you move on. Intuitive leaders remove themselves from the equation and consider what’s best for the organization and its stewards of the future. If you want to become a more intuitive leader, I challenge you to step outside of yourself, too. Think about the role you fill today and how you can signal to tomorrow’s leaders that it should be performed with excellence, presence and a sense of groundedness.

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