How Daily Intention Setting Can Enhance Your Leadership Performance

We explored the notion of being “in flow” and living an intentional and purposeful life in our last blog. Today, we want to expand on the power that setting daily intentions has on your career and life, and highlight how it can take your performance to the next level.

As the new year is fast approaching, many people will set some amazing goals, objectives, and intentions for their professional and personal lives. I wanted to share a best practice that I have incorporated into my life that has served me well: Setting daily intentions.

I set daily intentions on how I want my day to unfold, and sometimes I set intentions throughout the day as I am moving from one moment to the next.

Intentions give you purpose, as well as the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals, objectives, and purpose. Quite simply, my purpose is to help leaders inside the corporate world become highly impactful leaders who create high-performing teams and cultures. I know my purpose, and I am very intentional and purposeful in everything I do.  

To me, being intentional means I am present in every moment of my day so that I can offer my focus, attention, and give my best to everyone with whom I engage. This may sound a little fluffy to some of you, but those who have worked with me or know me well, know that my overall purpose on this planet is to help others.

How the practice of setting daily intentions impacts how you show up 

You do not need to be a leader in business to apply this best practice. It has nothing to do with the “what” you do. This about the “how” you do things.

As I’ve said many times, leadership is not about rank, title or role. It is a way of being. And it starts with your thinking and your mindset. Let me give you a few examples to help bring this concept to life.  

When I am preparing to launch a new program or workshop, I will say to myself and sometimes verbalize statements such as:

“Today I am going to do my best and deliver an amazing experience for my participants.”

“In today’s workshop, the participants will be engaged, and it is going to an incredible session.”

“It is going to be an amazing day, and I will bring nothing but positivity to everyone I engage with.” 

I am a big believer that we manifest our reality and results through our thinking. Think about how this applies to professional sports. Do you think professional athletes worry about losing the game? No, they do not. Their coaches help prepare them mentally and physically to perform at their best. They train, prepare, and then venture into their sport with a positive mindset and a winning attitude. 

Setting intentions is about focusing our thinking on the positive vs. the negative and allows you to show up in an immensely powerful way.  You set the stage with the level of energy and focus you bring to your life each day, and in each and every moment. Start practising daily or moment-by-moment intentions and watch your level of effectiveness soar.

Setting intentions vs establishing goals

Please do not confuse setting intentions with establishing goals for yourself or your team. A goal is very much about “what” you want to achieve. For example, being promoted, exceeding your sales targets, enhancing your confidence, etc. An intention is much more about the “how” you will show up as it is relates to your mindset, and the actions you take to achieve your goals. Setting intentions is a way to find your inner strength and focus that will help you achieve your goals and objectives. 

The benefits of intention

Your thinking influences your actions and behavior, which determines whether you will step closer to achieving your goals or not. Intentions, when exercised daily or regularly, are positive habits that help prepare us mentally to achieve our goals and shape how you will show up.  

Intentions help influence the way we go about achieving our goals and here are a few other added benefits:

  • When we set clear intentions, we are more likely to achieve our goals.
  • Reduces negative thoughts and self-doubt, thereby increasing our confidence.
  • Helps keep us grounded, focused and present.
  • Positive intentions lead to a positive attitude and outcomes.

If you have ever participated in yoga or a guided meditation, then you are familiar with the teacher asking you to set an intention at the beginning of your practice. This intention can help to guide your practice and positively influence how you experience the session. Similarly, setting an intention at the beginning of your day can affect how you experience the rest of the day. It sets the tone for your day, shapes your thinking and attitude that will impact your actions, behavior, and outcomes.

How intention impacts you and your team

As leaders, your thinking and behavior influences how your people will show up. Imagine the impact this could have on a team or organization. It starts with you being a role model for others to follow.

A great way to integrate intention into your daily work life is to ask yourself and others – what might our intention be in this meeting today? What do we want to focus our intention on and explore together in this discussion? Be intentional and purposeful in your thinking, approach, and actions. This is one key element required in building strong teams and fostering a high-performance culture.

Sit back, observe, and watch the impact that this approach has in one-on-one discussions and team meetings. When we are intentional in our thinking and behavior, we are bringing others with us, helping everyone to achieve shared goals and objectives.

“Our intention creates our reality,” said renowned author and speaker Wayne Dyer. His insight is simple but profound. As leaders, your intentions will help create your reality and results, so start your day by establishing positive intentions and incorporate this into your routine and way of being. You will not only achieve your own goals and objectives, but you will also create a culture based on achievement, growth, and high performance.

Are you interested in learning more about how the power of setting daily intentions can benefit you and your team? I would love to hear what your thoughts are on this topic so please reach out to me and let’s chat. Give me a call today at 1.855.871.3374 or send me an email at

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