Goodbye 2020 and Hello 2021!

It is hard to believe that holidays are already here and 2021 is just around the corner.

I am certain everyone on the planet is looking forward to closing the doors to the past year and starting the new year with renewed hope and a fresh new perspective on life.

We will all remember 2020 for many reasons but let’s not dismiss all the positive lessons, insights and precious moments that have come from these challenging times.  

I will be taking some much-needed self-care time, which entails lots of reflection and planning for year ahead, coupled with disconnecting from the grid. I like to take this time so I can feel energized, inspired and laser-focused heading into the new year. I know I’m at my best when I take care of my needs, and I hope you are getting a chance to care for yourself at this time, too.

As I engage in my end-of-year self-care routine, I cannot help but consider the deep gratitude I have for you and for your ongoing support of our work.  

With Gratitude

I feel like this has been an amazing year for me, personally, as well as for my business. We have been able to continue do what we love virtually which is a blessing. We could not have gotten through this year without you. So, I just want to say that I am incredibly grateful for your continued support from the bottom of my heart.  

We will take the lessons learned and progress we have made together in 2020 into the new year so we can reach even greater heights of growth, awareness and effectiveness. 

Have a Safe and Special Holiday Season

Once again, I just want to say, “thank you,” and extend a warm holiday greeting to you and yours.

I hope you are safe, warm and surrounded by loved ones this holiday season. We’ve accomplished a lot together this year. Now let us make sure we take time for some well-deserved rest and relaxation!

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