Combat the Great Resignation by Being a More Compassionate Leader

As I wrote about in my last blog, I challenged you to think about what you are going to do differently this year, so that you can give your people what they need to thrive during these challenging times. If you do anything differently this year, please consider how you can show more compassion towards others and yourself.  

Compassionate leaders stand out in a crowd, create followership, and foster engagement at all levels within organizations. When compassion comes from the heart, with true authenticity and care, amazing things start to happen.

What Is Compassionate Leadership?

Compassion can be defined as a willingness and desire to be kind to others. It means being thoughtful and aware of what others’ lives and experiences might be, irrelevant if you can relate or not, as it is not about you when you step into a position of leadership. 

This style of leadership recognizes that every team member is not only an important individual, but also an essential thread in the fabric of the entire organization. Compassionate leaders strive to enhance the happiness and wellbeing of their people by supporting them and giving them what they need to excel and grow. 

Why Is Compassionate Leadership Essential?

The world now more than ever is crying out for more compassion in all aspects of our lives.  

There may have been a time when compassion would have been viewed as weakness, but those days are long gone. 

Today, leaders are expected to treat their people with a greater sense of care, help create a sense of purpose beyond just getting the job done, and ensuring others feel like they are part of something bigger than just themselves. 

Compassionate leaders also know how to create deeper connections with others by:

  • Building solid trusting relationships at all levels
  • Inspiring collaboration and teamwork across the organization
  • Encouraging their people to feel more connected with one another
  • Creating environments where employees feel a greater sense of commitment to each other and their organizations

How to Strengthen Your Compassion Muscles

Building any new skill, hard or soft, requires practice and your heart is a muscle just like your brain and requires exercise. If you want to become more compassionate, you must practice. 

Here are some simple approaches and tactics to help you grow and strengthen your compassion muscles and become a more grounded and effective leader:

Listen and Let Others Lead

You are a leader, but that doesn’t mean you have to have all the answers. If you’re good at your job, you have most likely surrounded yourself with intelligent people who possess their own strengths, so listen to them and empower them to take ownership. Give them a chance to shine and showcase their skills and expertise. Thinking you know it all and micromanaging kills compassion, so instead, be open to listening and let others lead, that is what empowerment is all about.

Be Present and Mindful in Your Communication

Your ability to listen and learn will be enhanced tremendously by your willingness to communicate with others more mindfully. Don’t monopolize meetings and conversations. Give people room to express themselves. Provide feedback on a continuous, collaborative basis. Ask thoughtful questions and stay present so you can receive thoughtful answers. Lastly, do not interrupt. Actively listen vs. waiting for your turn to speak.

Be a Selfless Leader

Healthy competition can enhance performance and drive people to greater heights, whereas unhealthy competition can poison teams and the organization. You are not in competition with your people. Your job as a leader is to elevate their visibility and performance, not your own.   Before you react in any situation, ask yourself - Are my actions and intentions about them or me? If it’s all about you, then it’s time to take pause, and revisit why you have stepped into leadership.

Compassion like any other skill or behavior is contagious. The more compassionate you are, the more compassionate your people will be.  Role model the behavior you expect from others. Your credibility is relying on it as your people are watching your every move, both virtually and in person.

Can You Be a More Compassionate Leader?

Would you like to improve your ability to lead from the heart by operating more compassionately in your leadership role? If yes, reach out to me, I am here to help support your success.

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