4 Simple Tips to Help You Visualize Your Leadership Success

Visionary leaders see tremendous potential in their people and their respective organizations. They can look ahead and clearly envision how things could be and they also act in ways that bring their vision to life in meaningful ways.

Additionally, visionary leaders often go well above and beyond what would normally be expected of people in their respective positions. They don’t sacrifice their values or integrity to do their work, nor do they purposefully “step” on others to advance their careers.

Why We Need Visionary Leaders

The driving force of leaders is two-fold; they need to create a compelling vision that inspires their people to do great work, and they need to clearly articulate how their people’s roles contribute to the company’s success. 

I like to call that “connecting the dots” – being clear about how their people’s roles contribute to both the top and bottom line of the organization. When this is clearly understood at all levels, it can be a catalyst for productivity and engagement. 

Being a visionary leader starts by having a clear understanding of who you are and what impact you want to have on those around you. Visualize what that would look like – what behaviors are you exhibiting to create an environment that will bring out the best in you and others?

I’ve provided a few simple tips to help you leverage the power of visualization to strengthen your leadership and desired vision for yourself.  

Visualizing Your Leadership Success: 4 Tips

Tip #1 – Know What You Want and Tweak as You Go

Knowing what you want gives you intention, purpose, and a vision to focus on. Once you know what you want for your career and your organization, you can start to visualize it. It’s important to keep refining your vision as you evolve in your role. A great visualization tip is to see yourself as already having accomplished what you wanted. This can make you visualize more effectively and help you emotionally and practically keep your direction in focus.

Tip #2 – Write Your Plans Down

It may seem a very simple thing to do, but the act of writing your thoughts/vision down can go a long way to making happen.  I am a big believer that we can manifest what we want with focus, effort and by writing it down it makes it real, and you are more likely to act towards it. 

Tip #3 – Talk It Up!

Some people think if they talk too much about something they want, it will jinx the outcome. But nothing can be farther from the truth. The more you describe your vision and share it with others in your circle of trust, the more likely it will come to fruition because you are focusing on it and now have others to help hold you accountable for making it happen.  

Tip #4 – Schedule Time to do the Work Involved

There are a lot of moving parts when you are working toward a vision. There are people, circumstances, work life, family life and more that you need to navigate as you go. Again, this means that being clear about what you want and how you will go about achieving it is key to your success. You also need to ensure you are creating space and time in your calendar to take the steps towards your desired goals and vision. The power of writing it down and scheduling time in your calendar will help support you in acting, moving you steps closer to achieving your vision. 

What Do You Think about Visualization?

Leadership is a mindset, and the power of the mind can be utilized in ways that may astonish you in this context.

It’s not about having grandiose goals for yourself; the key is identifying what you want for yourself, and it should feel inspiring to you. Similarly, when you’re helping your people identify a vision for themselves, it needs to inspire them to want to act vs. impress you and others around them.

When leaders utilize visualization techniques, great things can happen. If you’ve never fully understood the best way to use visualization as a leader, let’s explore how it can help you achieve all your life’s goals and not just the ones solely related to your leadership path.

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