10 Essential Qualities that Amplify Your Passion for Leadership

You can have all the passion in the universe, but it if it is centered on you and your success, your longevity as a leader is limited. 

In other words, passion needs to be paired with serving others.

Passion often describes the difference between a great leader and an average one. Passion is clearly important when it comes to developing followership and engaging people, as others tend to be drawn to someone who exhibits enthusiasm or inspiration. And it’s not just about being an introvert vs. an extrovert. It goes much deeper than that.

What does that mean and how does that translate into qualities specifically? Here is a list of the top 10 essential qualities of passionate leaders. 


Fear is what holds people back from seizing their true and full potential. Fear of failure. Fear of not being accepted. Fear of not being good or smart enough. Sound familiar?

Fear is what prevents us from being authentic and true to ourselves and those around us. Fear is what creates conflict, broken or lack of communication and results. It is a learned behavior which was typically instilled in us at a young age or through life experiences. The good news is fear can be overcome by shifting your thinking.

So, what is the antidote to fear? Confidence.

You are good enough and smart enough, otherwise you would not be in a leadership position, so do not let it hold you back. Be proud and celebrate your successes and what you have to offer by being confident in who you are and what you are capable of. People want to be guided and supported by someone who is confident in what they say and what they do.  


All organizations need people who are focused on delivering results on a daily basis. Meeting short-term goals is important, and details really matter. However, the most passionate leaders also see how meeting the goals of today helps organizations thrive tomorrow. Visionary leadership allows businesses to grow for the long term. With the current economic climate and ever-changing customer/client base, it is critical to have line-of-site to a long-term strategy. It is also essential to surround yourself with people who will help you deliver, not only for today, but for the future.

Also remember to be inclusive when creating a vision or strategy for your business. After all, the best source of ideas come from people who are closest to the customer, so ask them what they think. Their responses may surprise you.  

A Capacity for Vulnerability

Vulnerability is something we are passionate about when it comes to the subject of leadership. When leaders show their authentic selves by being vulnerable, they can relate to their people better and inspire them to reach greater heights.

Although it goes against much of what we were all taught about leadership, embracing your vulnerability and losing the associated fear, is one of the best ways to demonstrate to your employees that you're engaged and passionate about what you do. It will also set the tone for how everyone else in the business behaves and interacts with others. Vulnerability helps build trust and establishes strong connections for people inside and outside your organization.

Emotional Intelligence

Vulnerability and emotional intelligence go hand in hand. Emotional intelligence – the capacity to understand and connect emotionally with others – increases when you  act with authenticity by allowing yourself to be vulnerable, making you better able to engage with your people and demonstrate your passion as a leader. After all, businesses are made up of people and are driven by people. The inability or desire to connect genuinely will make the difference between mediocrity and success. 

An Understanding of the True Value of Human Capital

One of the surest signs that a leader has lost his or her passion and perspective is an unwillingness to invest in human capital. Even if you possess the most brilliant mind in business, your organization won't thrive unless you understand the true value of your people. They represent the biggest asset you have. Imagine how successful you could be if they all shared your passion! This is only possible if you invest in them, just as you would with any of your company's other valued assets. The people in your business are your business, and it is your responsibility as a leader to ensure they receive the support they need to deliver the results you desire to achieve. 


Of course, not everyone can be expected to have a positive attitude all the time, but it's important to be mindful of how you present yourself. Most importantly, you have to examine how you think and feel about you – if you foster negative beliefs about yourself and your abilities, that will translate into limiting your thinking and the possibilities for greatness, achievement and growth. Your thinking creates your reality, and if you only see the glass half empty, you will only realize half your potential, which will have a domino effect for others. Remember, your behavior impacts the behavior of others around you, and you set the tone for how your people will behave.  

Belief in the Mission at Hand

When the odds seem to be against you, it is hard to be confident and passionate about what you are trying to achieve as a leader. However, if you genuinely believe in yourself and the mission that you have set for your organization, the sky is the limit.

Do not be apathetic about your organization's mission if you want to inspire your people to perform. Show them that you believe in your work, and they will follow suit.

Strong Commitment to Success

Achieving success takes hard work. Sure, a little luck along the way never hurts, but you cannot depend on providence to reach your goals. Passionate leaders can commit to the necessary hard work because they believe in what they are doing. They also inspire others to share the same perspective.

You cannot just go through the motions and expect to be successful. Find a goal you believe in and your commitment and passion will inspire your people like nothing else.


If you want to engage your people and achieve the desired results for your business, then you need to actively listen when engaged in a conversation. The surest way to demotivate someone is to dismiss what they are saying to you. Think about it. How does it feel when you know someone is not actively listening to you? Passionate leaders understand that a conversation involves sharing your perspective, but it also involves active listening. The only way to engage with people, understand them and, ultimately, motivate them, is to listen.

Involving Others in their Passion

You may believe that you are a passionate leader, but if you are not sharing that passion with others, it can become meaningless. If you feel great about something that your organization is doing, shout it from the rooftops! If you are excited about the future of your organization, make sure your people are just as excited by involving them. It is all about your ability to connect and engage with your people. If you’re passionate, you need to express that passion in a way that inspires others to succeed.

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