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Fostering Grounded and Mindful, Self-Aware Leaders

We help medium to large organizations create a culture of accountability and sustainable change that starts with Grounded Leaders - giving you a tangible, real-world leading edge.

When you work with LeadersEdge, you can expect a more engaged workforce that results in increased efficiency, business growth and profitability for your business.

Create winning habits, communicate more effectively and strategically empower your teams.

Is your team engaged and empowered to take action? LeadersEdge programs create the sustainable change you need.

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Are you achieving the results you want for your business? LeadersEdge consulting services help you achieve the tangible results you deserve.

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Are you exceeding your customers expectations? LeadersEdge coaching programs give you a competitive edge.

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Are your employees engaged? LeadersEdge workshops help empower your employees to take action.

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Customer reviews & testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Joanne in a number of professional capacities over the past few years. Joanne is a bright, articulate communicator both one on one and in larger group settings. She brings a highly professional style to group facilitations and seminars. The feedback from these sessions is consistently positive and I have no hesitation in both working with her again and recommending her to any organization that could benefit from a Leaders Edge program.

Gord Brandt
Feldman Daxon Partners

My experience with the Personal Leadership Program has been life changing! The approach taken by Leaders’ Edge was simple yet very impactful and therefore the “ah ha moments” sometimes exploded out of nowhere making them unforgettable. The facilitator Joanne who ran our session demonstrated the highest level of customer focus that I have seen in a very long time.

Director, Leadership & Engagement,

As the president of a small charity that struggles to reach the needs of it's community I reached out for resources on the web and found Leaders Edge Inc. After reading through some of the resources and signing up for the newsletter I felt the advice given was targeted directly to me. Because I'm driven by feedback from my community I wanted to reach out and share the impacts of the advice they were offering free of charge. Being an Olympian with Type 1 Diabetes, my charity gained momentum quickly but lacked the same skills in the business as I had in the program delivery and I could tell with our first meeting that Joanne had the energy and focus I needed. Joanne brings energy and finds a way to be passionate about my cause without taking away my ability to lead it, supporting my initiatives with structure and the guidance of an expert coach to get the job done. Thanks Leaders Edge for helping us create a blueprint for success

chris jarvis
Pres. Canadian Olympian,
I Challenge Diabetes

We chose to put all of our leaders through the Personal Leadership Programme (PLP)…we did it in a short space of time with some of us who had been through The Master class, delivering it at the same time. The impact has been amazing. It has completely changed my life and how I behave – at work and also at home. The programme gave me a real insight into who I am and how I behave and therefore the impact that has on others.

jayne archibald
Sage, UK

The positive impact of this program has truly changed our management team and style in terms of how we communicate, perform and empower each other every day. We are now embarking on continuing this leadership journey throughout our organization, to our employees as part of our talent development program.

kevin crosgrey
Branch Manager,
Delta Controls Inc.


About Us

LeadersEdge genuinely cares about helping your organization develop a positive and sustainable leadership culture where individuals are engaged to deliver their personal best. Our approach and framework helps you understand what is necessary to achieve the results you want for your business and what it takes to engage employees, exceed your customers' expectations and improve bottom line results. Our specialized workshops and training programs help organizations meet their objectives, with tangible results.

Our Team
Return on Investment (ROI) for Companies

As a company taking part in our programs, you will:

Improve employee engagement as you decrease attrition and reduce unproductive time

Develop a culture of accountability and ownership

Boost customer satisfaction and increase customer lifetime value

Grow bottom line results and profitability for your business

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Our services and programs are designed to help companies enhance bottom line results through effective sales and service strategies, a redefined customer experience, increased employee engagement and the creation of a sustainable leadership culture.

joanne trotta
Founder & Managing Partner

20+ years of experience in leading teams with a combined 25+ years in energy & telecom industries

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In my past experience through many leadership style courses, the Living Leader Program is fundamentally the most impactful program to positively motivate, challenge and provide individuals the tools to become better leaders. The positive impact of this program has truly changed our management team and style in terms of how we communicate, perform and empower each other every day…"
Kevin Crosgrey,
Branch Manager – Delta Controls Inc

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